Small Screen Reviews

A solid movie full of fun & chemistry, but unlike Ocean's 11-13, it lacks in the danger & complexity stakes.

A wonderful potboiler with nods to the classic horrors, which unfortunately lets itself down in the final act.

Will Arnett makes a good fist of it, but is sadly hampered by the fact that the script's gone to the dogs.

Great fun & enjoyable, with fine performances, but it lacks a little ambition and proves a little predictable.

An interesting and intelligent diplomatic drama, but it barely scratches the surface of the political issues.

An interesting tale of emotional and sexual repression in buttoned up Britain, with fine lead performances.

Good fun to watch with some truly wonderful gags, but sadly they are just not enough to redeem its weak plot.

A remarkable story which unfortunately fails to transition to the big screen, despite some fine performances.

Light & reasonably enjoyable with a likeable lead, it is let down somewhat by a weak & predictable script.

An unnecessary sequel which detracts from the classic original with a predictable and scare free plot.

With a pacy script, wonderful humour, and drama galore, Infinity War will satisfy the most ardent of fans.

Charlize Theron gives a blinding turn as a woman coming to terms with where life has ultimately led her.

A tremendous transition from stage to screen, with some compelling lead performances & a haunting atmosphere.

Predictable and saccharine sweet, it still somehow works thanks to its fine cast and great British spirit.

A family fun night out with excellent effects, while seeing George and co. rip Chicago apart never gets old.