Small Screen Reviews

Fine performances, particularly from Jessie Buckley, makes this slightly predictable drama well worth a watch.

Fusing genuine chills and tension with some fine performances, Pet Sematary is an improvement on the original.

Charming & fun, with some great performances & a lovely family-friendly vibe reminiscent of some 80s classics.

An intriguing tale of the world renowned ballet dancer, which builds to an uncomfortably tense finale.

A beautifully shot but emotionally bereft version of the classic, despite a somewhat loveable little elephant.

A thoroughly gripping yet simple drama elevated by some powerful and mesmerising performances.

Entertaining yet full of flashbacks with a great odd couple pair, which comes to life midway through the film.

Set in post war Germany's smouldering ruins, this glossy drama fails to catch light thanks to a weak script.

A first-class cast elevate this likeable but relatively unremarkable rags to riches story.

A weak script, limited characterisation, and a failure of the humour renders Cold Pursuit somewhat lifeless.

An interesting story, with some great performances, but it ultimately feels like it pulls its punches.

A beautiful, sensitive portrayal of love, both romantic and familial, triumphing despite the obstacles.

Another breathtaking performance from Rosamund Pike, but the film is undone by its limited characterisation.

A fascinating, melancholy and occasionally over sentimental window into William Shakespeare’s final years.

A fitting end to the trilogy, but despite great visuals, it goes down with more of a splutter than a roar.