Small Screen Reviews

An incredible, impactful film from a debut director, who has teased out two truly remarkable performances.

A tense, nerve-jangling affair with a cracking cast, which certainly looks great but feels a touch overlong.

Despite an interesting anti-hero & a fine cast, a weak script, tone & characterisation render Venom toothless.

A poignant, powerful and thought-provoking drama with some truly sublime performances across the board.

A full blown visceral experience, but the script and plot do not match the action sequences, & it lacks heart.

Sumptuous looking, outstanding performances & a story with real heart, Crazy Rich Asians is not to be missed.

An incredible cast in a remarkable heist story, but the real crime here is the weak script & characterisation.

A complex & engaging drama with a wonderful performance from Emma Thompson, which never quite ignites.

A slick, suspenseful and sophisticated thriller, with great leads but a slightly over-elaborate plot.

Tense and atmospheric thriller with fine performances, which is unfortunately undone by its denouement.

A tense horror with plenty of jumps and tension, but ultimately fails to deliver in the final act.

A stylish, fascinating, enthralling and at times disturbing film, with some first rate central performances.

Inventive, entertaining and with a powerhouse performance from John Cho, but pulls its punches at the end.

A great idea but poorly executed with a weak script and unsure as to whether it is a comedy, or crime drama.

Great action, and with a cracking cast, but unfortunately it is overly long and ultimately falls short.