Small Screen Reviews

Tense, thrilling and nerve-jangling – A Quiet Place is a sublime horror with great performances & a must see.

Breathtaking graphics, non-stop action & endless pop culture references, helmed by legendary Steven Spielberg.

A first rate cast, a wonderful set but a weak and ponderous script.

Tremendous performances and a truly engaging storyline easily elevates this above most teen comedies.

An incredible looking film with plenty of heart & humour, but falls short of the fantastic Fantastic Mr Fox.

An emotionally charged and deeply affecting piece of cinema, with two knockout performances from its leads.

Nicely shot, with an interesting take on the high school romance, which sadly suffers from being too clichéd.

An interesting concept with a great central performance loses its way, going beyond the realms of credibility.

It may not be a Paddington, but Peter Rabbit is still an absolute delight and will be a firm family favourite.

A decent reboot with plenty of action and some solid performances, but ultimately comes our a poor man's Indy.

A fun if somewhat unsubtle chiller thriller with a performance to remember as Nic Cage goes bat shit crazy.

A fun, fast and inventive script from Nash Edgerton, with a corker of a performance from Charlize Theron.

A thoughtful, well-crafted and compelling espionage thriller, let down a little by its gratuitous sex scenes.

A beautiful yet decidedly odd romantic tale with sublime performances from Sally Hawkins & Richard Jenkins.

Stylish, fascinating and bleakly funny, with a scene-stealing Allison Janney, I, Tonya is a must watch movie.