Small Screen Reviews

An interesting and fresh take on the Western is let down by its heavy-handed style.

A romantic & fascinating portrayal of an intimate relationship, told by a supremely talented filmmaker.

A light, intriguing, and very British film on the objectification of women with some great performances.

A thoroughly absorbing film about corporate greed, featuring a wonderful lead performance from Ruffalo.

In its attempt to tie up all the loose ends, TROS ends up being predictable and only marginally interesting.

Top-notch performances and great attention to detail ensure that this slow potboiler holds the attention.

Sticking with a winning formula, The Next Level is fun-filled, funny & fast-paced though a little less fresh.

A real romp of a whodunit with a cracking cast, a witty script and first-rate director.

Following up the global phenomenon was always going to be impossible but Disney make a pretty good fist of it.

Beautifully shot, with two great leads, and an engaging story, Le Mans ’66 rushes along at quite the pace.

A first rate cast, an intriguing plot, and expertly directed, The Good Liar will no doubt win you over.

Frothy and festive, but Last Christmas disappoints, delivering more of a whimper than a Wham!

As with previous Roland Emmerich projects, big set pieces are not enough to paper over a woeful script.

With nods to both King and Kubrick, Doctor Sleep will keep you awake thanks to its truly menacing villain.

Despite a remarkable voice cast, the underwhelming Addams Family is a little frightful and lifeless.