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Bad Times At The El Royale Review

Bad Times At The El Royale 1 DVD/Blu-ray

Twentieth Century Fox   

What’s It About?
A noir thriller as a variety of waifs and strays with plenty to hide rock up to a hotel of extreme faded glory – the El Royale – with things about to go down.   

Who’s In It?
Jeff Bridges (TheBig Lebowski, Crazy Heart & more recently Hell Or High Water)
Chris Hemsworth (Thor, Avengers, & In The Heart Of The Sea)   

Other notables include:
Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades, A Bigger Splash, & How To Be Single)
Jon Hamm (Mad Men, Baby Driver, & more recently Tag)   

Director: Drew Goddard (The Cabin In The Woods)   

Audiences Expect:
Set in the late1960s, director Drew Goddard has certainly pulled out all the stops in perfecting his pulpy noir visual feast with a number mysterious strangers turning up to a hotel built across the state line of California and Nevada.
Once a booming place to rest your head, the El Royale has certainly lost much of its charm and even more of its business. And this is where a priest, a vacuum cleaner salesman, a wannabe singer, and a mysterious woman all wind up, where it soon becomes clear that nothing is as it seems including the hotel which has secret rooms and one way mirrors, as the tension builds to a dramatic conclusion.
The look of the film is beyond reproach, and Goddard has certainly pulled together a wonderful cast including Jeff Bridges, Chris Hemsworth, Dakota Johnson, Cynthia Erivo and Jon Hamm.
The heart of the film, however, certainly belongs to Erivo, who delivers a wonderful performance and a wonderful vocal, but the energy of the film is with Jon Hamm, and when he is not on screen, the film does tend to stutter.   

In A Nuthshell:
A tense, nerve-jangling affair with a cracking cast, which certainly looks great but feels just a touch overlong.   

Jon Hamm
The visuals   

A bit on the long side

Release date: 04/02/2019

Certificate: 15