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Disobedience Review

Disobedience 1 DVD/Blu-ray

Curzon Artificial Eye   

What’s It About?
A bohemian photographer returns home to North London to her Orthodox Jewish Community following a tragedy, and her return stirs strong emotions.   

Who’s In It?
Rachel Weisz (The Constant Gardener, The Lobster, & more recently My Cousin Rachel)
Rachel McAdams (The Notebook, Sherlock Holmes 1-3, & more recently Game Night)
Alessandro Nivola (The Company, American Hustle, & more recently You Were Never Really Here)   

Other notables include:
Anton Lesser (Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Game Of Thrones, & more recently The Crown)
Allan Corduner (Florence Foster Jenkins, Homeland, & more recently Operation Finale)   

Director: Sebastian Lelio (The Sacred Family, Gloria, & more recently A Fantastic Woman)  

Audiences Expect:
Chilean director Sebastian Leilo’s first foray into the English language is a powerful movie full of control, drama and repressed emotion. 
Set in an Orthodox Jewish community in North London, Ronit, a bohemian photographer plying her trade in New York, is called back home following her father’s death. It soon becomes apparent that Ronit is a black sheep not just of the family, but of the community as a whole, while her father was a most revered Rabbi. Needless to say her return ruffles more than a few feathers.
Invited to stay with her one time best friends, Dovid and Este, it soon becomes painfully apparent how much time has passed and how much everyone has changed with strained relations between Ronit and this now married and extremely conservative couple. And there is so much more bubbling under the surface, with the illicit romantic history between Este and Ronit soon returning, throwing everyone’s lives into chaos once more.
Leilo’s film is a wonderful portrayal of control and rebellion, desire and repression, and his leads are quite brilliant, with Rachel Weisz as the rebel who escaped, and Rachel McAdams as the rebel who managed to bury that side of her. However, huge plaudits must also go to Alessandro Nivolo’s wonderful and sympathetic portrayal as the man caught between them and his devout beliefs.   

In A Nutshell:
A poignant, powerful and thought-provoking drama with some truly sublime performances across the board.  

The performances from Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams & Alessandro Nivolo   


Release date: 04/02/2019

Certificate: 15