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Entebbe Review

Entebbe 1 DVD/Blu-ray

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What’s It About?
The remarkable military operation staged by Israeli special forces in Uganda in 1976, following the hijacking of an Air France aeroplane by German and Palestinian terrorists.   

Who’s In It?
Rosamund Pike (Jack Reacher, Gone Girl, & more recently A United Kingdom)
Daniel Bruhl (Inglourious Basterds, Rush, & more recently Captain America: Civil War)   

Other notables include:
Eddie Marsan (Sherlock Holmes, Ray Donovan, & more recently Atomic Blonde)
Ben Schnetzer (The Book Thief, Pride, & more recently Snowden)   

Director: Jose Padilha (Elite Squad, Robobcop, & more recently Narcos)                    

Audiences Expect:
Based on a true story of a quite remarkable rescue operation mounted by Israeli special forces in 1976, Entebbe is certainly a story worth telling (or in this case retelling as there was a Charles Bronson TV movie back in the day).   When an Israeli passenger plane is hijacked by German and Palestinian terrorist, and then diverted first to Libya and then Uganda, things look unbelievable bleak for the 94 Israeli passengers subsequently taken hostage.  When you then factor in the unpredictable maniac that was Idi Amin, the President of Uganda, then you’re taking about really serious problems. 
Despite massive internal politics in the Israeli government, Prime Minister Yithak Rabin ultimately gave special forces the green light to go in and try and pull off one of the most incredible operations in history.
With a wonderful cast attached to the project in the form of Rosamund Pike and Daniel Bruhl, both fabulous actors capable of giving emotional depths to the German terrorists, and the talented director Jose Padilha, of Narcos and Elite Squad fame, with his exciting visceral style, Entebbe should have been a sure fire hit. 
However, perhaps since the action scene, following such a lengthy build up, is over incredibly swiftly despite being interspersed with a slightly distracting dance routine, the film feels a little slow and underwhelming.     

In A Nutshell:
A remarkable, exciting story which unfortunately fails to transition to the big screen, despite fine performances all round.

Daniel Bruhl & Rosamund Pike

The pacing and excitement levels

Release date: 10/09/2018

Certificate: 12 / 12A