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How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Review

How To Train Your Dragon 1 DVD/Blu-ray

Universal Pictures   

What’s It About?
It turns out Toothless isn’t the only Fury, but the arrival of a potential mate – a Light Fury - also heralds the arrival of dragon slayer Grimmel, who is hell bent on killing Toothless.   

Who’s In It?
Jay Baruchel (Knocked Up, This Is The End, & more recently Robocop)
Jonah Hill (The Wolf Of Wall Street, Moneyball, & more recently War Dogs)
America Ferrara (Ugly Betty, End Of Watch, & more recently Special Correspondents)   

Other notables include:
Cate Blanchett (Lord Of The Rings, Blue Jasmine, & more recently The House With A Clock In Its Walls)
Gerard Butler (300, Olympus Has Fallen, & more recently Hunter Killer)   

Director: Dean DeBlois (Lilo & Stitch, How To Train Your Dragon 1 & 2)   

Audiences Expect:
After the success of the first two films, a third seemed inevitable. What seems surprising however, is the decision to end the series here.
That said, following the joy Hiccup and Toothless have given us over the years, a fitting end would be the perfect finale, and things certainly seem to be drawing to a close.
With childhood far behind, Hiccup is now in charge of Berk, and marriage to Astrid is rearing its ugly head. Berk is now overpopulated with Vikings and Dragons, and something has got to give. Well with that, something comes along to shake up everyone’s world.
Firstly Toothless lays eyes on a potential mate – a Light Fury, ushering in the finest moment of the film with his cringing attempts to win her over in a series of awful mating routines.
The other dramatic change sees evil dragon hunter Grimmel clap eyes on Toothless, and make it his mission to wipe out Night Furies once and for all. With the future of Berk and the dragon’s at stake, Hiccup sets out to find the supposedly mythical Hidden World of dragons.
Complete with wonderful visuals once again, and some endearing and hilarious moments, the final chapter of How To Train Your Dragon is slightly let down by its script, which means that come the final chapter, its ending doesn’t quite pack the same emotional punch as so many Pixar movies.   

In A Nutshell:
A fine and fitting end to the trilogy, but despite great visuals, it goes down with more of a splutter than a roar.   

The visuals
Toothless’ mating rituals   

The script at times

Release date: 10/06/2019

Certificate: PG