Small Screen Reviews

A complex & engaging drama with a wonderful performance from Emma Thompson, which never quite ignites.

A slick, suspenseful and sophisticated thriller, with great leads but a slightly over-elaborate plot.

Tense and atmospheric thriller with fine performances, which is unfortunately undone by its denouement.

A tense horror with plenty of jumps and tension, but ultimately fails to deliver in the final act.

A stylish, fascinating, enthralling and at times disturbing film, with some first rate central performances.

Inventive, entertaining and with a powerhouse performance from John Cho, but pulls its punches at the end.

A great idea but poorly executed with a weak script and unsure as to whether it is a comedy, or crime drama.

Great action, and with a cracking cast, but unfortunately it is overly long and ultimately falls short.

An enjoyable but somewhat hit and miss film, with fine performances from Ewan McGregor and Eeyore.

The Meg is just too serious, when a blood fest or wholly tongue-in-cheek approach might have been more fun.

Great to see Denzel return to this role in a fun & frenzied follow up, but it lacks the original's intensity.

Tense, thrilling and unrelenting with an emotion punch, the only problem is how can they top it next time?

A dark visceral retelling of the classic, but so soon after Disney’s CGI epic, this sadly adds little more.

Good fun and well worth a watch, but lacking originality, and pales to the other recent Marvel movies.

A tense, claustrophobic thriller with a first rate cast and an interesting premise which just falters.