Small Screen Reviews

Some superb leads ensure this reboot is a worthy successor to T2 – let’s just forget about the ones inbetween.

It may lack exciting action scenes, but it makes up for it in terms of top performances & unbearable tension.

Like all good zombies, there is still some life in this, but one wonders why it was resurrected 10 years on.

Despite double big Willie action, the weak plot & terrible dialogue mean the signs aren’t good for Gemini Man.

Despite a promising start with a deliciously awkward banquet, the film soon descends into generic CGI fare.

A fun, family friendly film packed full of visual gags, which only serves to enhance the Aardman stable.

Great performances and a consistently funny script throughout ensure that Little Monsters has plenty of bite.

A visual feast of a film with a remarkable performance from Phoenix, which is aimed to provoke.

An outstanding performance from Rene Zellweger just about holds up this fairly by-the-numbers biopic.

A gripping, unflinching & harrowing portrayal of a terrible terrorist atrocity with fine lead performances.

Glossy, easy viewing which is big on grandeur & very light on substance – but will no doubt appease fans.

A captivating, beautiful, reflective & powerful cinematic experience with a stellar performance from Pitt.

A dazzling performance from J-Lo in this high energy and thoroughly entertaining true story.

Antonio Banderas delivers a remarkable performance in this intriguing and reflective film.

Highly-charged & action-packed, Butler’s return is a treat, but it is Nick Nolte's scenes that hit hardest.