Small Screen Reviews

Good fun to watch with some truly wonderful gags, but sadly they are just not enough to redeem its weak plot.

A remarkable story which unfortunately fails to transition to the big screen, despite some fine performances.

Light & reasonably enjoyable with a likeable lead, it is let down somewhat by a weak & predictable script.

An unnecessary sequel which detracts from the classic original with a predictable and scare free plot.

With a pacy script, wonderful humour, and drama galore, Infinity War will satisfy the most ardent of fans.

Charlize Theron gives a blinding turn as a woman coming to terms with where life has ultimately led her.

A tremendous transition from stage to screen, with some compelling lead performances & a haunting atmosphere.

Predictable and saccharine sweet, it still somehow works thanks to its fine cast and great British spirit.

A family fun night out with excellent effects, while seeing George and co. rip Chicago apart never gets old.

Unintentionally funny, with a nonsensical story, and a cop-out ending, Truth Or Dare is a missed opportunity.

Tense, thrilling and nerve-jangling – A Quiet Place is a sublime horror with great performances & a must see.

Breathtaking graphics, non-stop action & endless pop culture references, helmed by legendary Steven Spielberg.

A first rate cast, a wonderful set but a weak and ponderous script.

Tremendous performances and a truly engaging storyline easily elevates this above most teen comedies.

An incredible looking film with plenty of heart & humour, but falls short of the fantastic Fantastic Mr Fox.