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Pain And Glory Review

Pain Glory 1 DVD/Blu-ray


What’s It About?
An ailing director meets up with a former co-star and is introduced to drugs, which lead him on a journey of self-reflection.   

Who’s In It?
Antonio Banderas (The Mask Of Zorro, Desperado, Shrek 1-4, Life Itself)
Asier Etxeandia (Velvet, Ma ma, La Novia)    

Other notables include:
Penelope Cruz (Vanilla Sky, Volver, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, & Everybody Knows)   

Director: Pedro Almodovar (All About My Mother, Volver, The Skin I Live In)   

Audiences Expect:
Pedro Almodovar’s latest film, his 21stin fact, is a very reflective piece, which gives rise to one of Antonio Banderas’ most honest and powerful performances to date. 
Banderas plays Salvador Mallo, a Spanish film director who is suffering from long-term writer’s block, among many other ailments. Following a chance meeting with Alberto Crespo, an actor he had fallen out with decades before, Mallo is introduced to heroin in a bid to counter his many ailments (sickness, backpain, migraines etc) and his writer’s block.
The addictive drug leads Mallo to reminisce about his friendship and working relationship with Alberto, an old flame in Federico, and his memories of his mother, both young and old.
Antonio Banderas gives a remarkably powerful and memorable performance as the ailing director, with wonderful cameos from the likes of Asier Etxeandia and Penelope Cruz in this intriguing and reflective film.    

In A Nutshell:
Antonio Banderas delivers a remarkable performance in this intriguing and reflective film.   

Antonio Banderas' performance   

Despite its powerful subjects, the film lacks any moments of real emotional intensity

Release date: 13/01/2020

Certificate: 15