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The Nun Review

The Nun 1 DVD/Blu-ray

Warner Bros   

What’s It About?
Following strange and troubling events involving the death of a nun at a random cloistered abbey in Romania, The Vatican decide to send a troubled priest and a nun yet to take her final vows to this maestrom of sinister goings on.   

Who’s In It?
Demian Bichir (The Bridge, The Hateful Eight, Alien: Covenant)
Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story, The Bling Ring)   

Other notables include:
Jonas Bloquet (The Family, 3 Days To Kill, & more recently Elle)   

Director: Corin Hardy (The Hallow)   

Audiences Expect:
After his many years in the music industry, it will come as no surprise that The Nun looks pretty special. Set in a dilapidated abbey in Romania, the film is all about foreboding shadows and creepy cloisters, with great sets and wonderful lighting.
The set up is simple, with a malevolent force terrorising the nuns within the abbey and ultimately causing their deaths. Word soon reaches The Vatican, so they decide to send a priest troubled by previous exorcisms, and a virginal youngster who is yet to take her final vows to become a nun.
An odd choice some might think, and you’d be right but this is something that is never properly explained. Furthermore, the film is set in the early 50s, but you’d be forgive for thinking that Romania was still set in the middle ages.
The odd couple are then shown to the remote abbey by farmhand Frenchie, who adds looks and muscle but little in the way of delivery or acting chops, and it becomes clear from the very start that their assignment may not be the most sensible.
Events soon take a turn for the worse as the pair are terrorised both inside and out by the eponymous villain. Director Corin Hardy throws everything but the kitchen sink at this, and much of it lands to be fair, but as the film approaches its final act, it all becomes too predictable, as Hardy ditches the chills for thrills and an OTT ending.
That said, Taissa Farmiga gives a fine performance as the vulnerable, terrorised youngster, while Demian Bichir gives her admirable support, while Bonnie Aarons is suitably chilling as The Nun.   

In A Nutshell:
A tense horror with plenty of jumps and tension, but ultimately fails to deliver.   

Taissa Farmiga
Some tense scenes   

The final act
Jonas Bloquet 

Release date: 14/01/2019

Certificate: 15