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The Spy Who Dumped Me Review

The Spy Who Dumped Me 1 DVD/Blu-ray

Lionsgate UK   

What’s It About?
Dumped by her boyfriend, Audrey soon discovers that he was in fact a spy, and is thrown in at the deep end into the world of espionage as people are out to kill hi – and therefore her…   

Who’s In It?
Mila Kunis (Black Swan, Ted, & more recently Bad Moms)
Kate McKinnon (SNL, Ghostbusters, & more recently Rough Night)   

Other notables include:
Justin Theroux (The Leftovers, Zoolander 2, & more recently The Girl On The Train)
Gillian Anderson (The X Files, The Last King Of Scotland, & more recently The Fall)   

Director: Susanna Fogel (Life Partners)   

Audiences Expect:
The premise of The Spy Who Dumped Me may be a little generic with its fish out of water routine as a hapless individual is thrown into the dangerous world of espionage – think Spy – but its opening act is seriously impressive.
Relative newcomer Susanna Fogel directs an absolutely blistering opening sequence which wouldn’t be out of place in Mission or Bond, with Justin Theroux certainly throwing his hat into the ring for any leading man roles in that genre. 
We are then introduced to Audrey, a shop assistant leading a relatively mundane life, who is still trying to get over possibly the best thing in her life – her ex boyfriend – said spy. Except she never realised he was a spy, and it is only when people start coming to kill him, that she and her best friend become embroiled in a series of dangerous incidents to help her ex complete his mission.
Theroux, as stated, excels in his role, while the hapless civvie is played by Mila Kunis at her kooky, lovable best – initially freaking out by her predicament, before settling in to the situation – is the real lynchpin of the film.
She is given great support, in an almost lead role, by Kate McKinnon, but, as stated by Theroux’s character in the film, she really is a bit much relying too much on over exuberance and silly faces, rather than her natural talent.
That said, she and Kunis do have a cracking chemistry throughout the film, and even when the plot becomes threadbare and overly long and convoluted, they just about manage to hold it together. Other top talents such as Gillian Anderson and Paul Reiser unfortunately barely get a look in.
The Spy Who Dumped Me is great fun, with some truly impressive action sequences, but it flits uneasily between out and out action, and comedy without ever really marrying the two together. The opening sequence is also so strong, that come the overly convoluted end, it is something of a disappointment.     

In A Nutshell:
Great action, a cracking cast, but overly long and ultimately falls short.  

Justin Theroux in full Bond mode   

The length
The final act

Release date: 26/12/2018

Certificate: 15