Theatrical Reviews

Will Smith gives a powerhouse & award-worthy performance in this superb drama about the resilience of one man.

A warm hug of a movie, indulging in warm fuzzy nostalgia and bringing Ghostbusters to a whole new generation.

An astonishingly sensitive & moving performance from Kristen Stewart, capturing the essence of Princess Diana.

The characters may be new & diverse, but there is little more of interest in this pedestrian affair.

An incredible cast is wasted in this mess of a story in what may be the most Wes Anderson movie of all.

Denis Villeneuve films the unfilmable, delivering a breathtaking, epic slice of cinema.

Despite two of the finest actors of their age, a look back at this slice of the '60s is far from rose-tinted.

Tom Hardy returns in this terrible sequel, morphing into a leech doing a weak impression of Brian Blessed.

Cary Fukunaga's delivered a breathtaking slice of Bond, hitting familiar beats but adding surprising ones too.

A fun, entertaining if supremely violent romp with Bob Odenkirk channelling his ominous OAP.

A wonderful sequel which lives up to the original, with a fantastic cast. Roll on Part III!

Deeply unsettling film about a woman who displays terrifying religious fervour & a desperately troubled soul.

A refreshing take on the vampire genre, full of repression, sexual awakening and loss of innocence.

Sumptuous on the screen, beautifully shot with a cracking cast, but an increasingly impenetrable plot.

Seemingly raucous with a fish out of water premise & dual roles, it is in fact a thoughtful, touching comedy.