Theatrical Reviews

Deeply unsettling film about a woman who displays terrifying religious fervour & a desperately troubled soul.

A refreshing take on the vampire genre, full of repression, sexual awakening and loss of innocence.

Sumptuous on the screen, beautifully shot with a cracking cast, but an increasingly impenetrable plot.

Seemingly raucous with a fish out of water premise & dual roles, it is in fact a thoughtful, touching comedy.

Light-hearted familiar family fun, which doesn’t break new ground, but Bautista manages to bring it home.

Short and not so sweet, and extremely violent, The Hunt is not necessarily something you’ll need to catch.

A light, intriguing, and very British film on the objectification of women with some great performances.

An emotional & visually stunning film about love, loss and connection, which delivers the usual Pixar punch.

By-the-numbers feel-good film that is painfully predictable, but salvaged by its reliable & impressive leads.

Although there was no need for a remake, Will Ferrell & Julia Louis-Dreyfus deliver a fine dark comedy.

An intriguing, tense and sensual drama, with two sensational leads, and incredible visuals.

A great twist on the classic tale, with a supreme turn from Elisabeth Moss, which maintains constant tension.

A thoroughly absorbing film about corporate greed, featuring a wonderful lead performance from Ruffalo.

A bleak, punchy, punky portrayal of the outlaw, with a great cast, but its pacing drops in the second half.

A thoroughly enjoyable family adventure based on the classic tale, which is sure to bring a tear to the eye.