Theatrical Reviews

A fun, energetic retelling of Dickens' classic tale, without Iannucci’s usual bite but totally absorbing.

A timely and hugely powerful drama, with sensational performances right across the board.

Incredible performances from Foxx and Jordan in this tense drama that will keep you invested right to the end.

An outstanding piece of film-making with a remarkable cast, but ultimately lacking in plot & characterisation.

Fabulous performances from Adam Sandler & Julia Fox elevate this taut, stressful & thoroughly absorbing drama.

Guy Ritchie returns to his roots, with a good time had by all, most notably an unrecognisable Hugh Grant.

A quirky offbeat and touching comedy about Nazism which shouldn’t work, but somehow does – and brilliantly.

Thanks in part to some incredible performances, this is a warm, touching & relevant retelling of the classic.

With a less than purr-fect transition to screen, there's a lack of energy & something off about the outfits.

In its attempt to tie up all the loose ends, TROS ends up being predictable and only marginally interesting.

Sticking with a winning formula, The Next Level is fun-filled, funny & fast-paced though a little less fresh.

Top-notch performances and great attention to detail ensure that this slow potboiler holds the attention.

A real romp of a whodunit with a cracking cast, a witty script and first-rate director.

A masterclass in acting between two giants as two diametrically opposed characters in an intriguing film.

Following up the global phenomenon was always going to be impossible but Disney make a pretty good fist of it.