Theatrical Reviews

A fun, family friendly film packed full of visual gags, which only serves to enhance the Aardman stable.

Despite a promising start with a deliciously awkward banquet, the film soon descends into generic CGI fare.

It may lack exciting action scenes, but it makes up for it in terms of top performances & unbearable tension.

Like all good zombies, there is still some life in this, but one wonders why it was resurrected 10 years on.

A poignant and deeply moving tribute to the magnetic frontman, with some surprising revelations.

Chris Morris’ return to the big screen is a tragic, thought-provoking comedy with a fine lead performance.

Despite double big Willie action, the weak plot & terrible dialogue mean the signs aren’t good for Gemini Man.

An outstanding performance from Rene Zellweger just about holds up this fairly by-the-numbers biopic.

A visual feast of a film with a remarkable performance from Phoenix, which is aimed to provoke.

A gripping, unflinching & harrowing portrayal of a terrible terrorist atrocity with fine lead performances.

A bloody (literally) marvellous performance from Samara Weaving ensures this gory bit of fun hits its mark.

A captivating, beautiful, reflective & powerful cinematic experience with a stellar performance from Pitt.

Glossy, easy viewing which is big on grandeur & very light on substance – but will no doubt appease fans.

A welcome return to Pennywise and the Losers' Club turns into a nightmare with a sprawling overlong storyline.

Antonio Banderas delivers a remarkable performance in this intriguing and reflective film.