Theatrical Reviews

Another brilliant & compelling documentary with a remarkable rags to riches, saint to sinner protagonist.

A quirky offbeat comedy with a strong cast which should spell success, but actually spells disaster.

An engaging script with a fine lead in Emma Thompson, but it loses its way by the finale, opting to play safe.

A classic teen horror movie, elevated by a mesmerising, frightening & vulnerable turn from Octavia Spencer.

A monster blockbuster with the ungainly style, plodding pace and unwieldy nature of a big beast.

Fun, vibrant, with some great performances, this faithful retelling is actually quite un-Ritchie like.

A rousing, fascinating film, packed full of stone cold classics but still keeps the real Elton at arms length.

A fun, fresh, and smart take on a well worn genre, with two great performances with cracking chemistry.

Endearing characters & beautifully glossy animation, but the plot in this one is something of a dog’s dinner.

Ramped up several notches, this is a brutal, breathless affair, which proves impossible to turn away from.

A fun intro to the world of Pokemon which falls away in the second half despite an awesome turn from Reynolds.

Rarely are remakes a good idea, and this, unfortunately, does nothing to dispel that myth.

A real gem of a movie with heart, romance and comedy all working seamlessly thanks to the two leads.

Despite a strong start with plenty of promise, La Llorona quickly falls into the formulaic & predictable trap.

A stunning if slightly weighty end to this part of the Marvel story packed full of action and emotion.