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Beautiful Boy Review

Beautiful Boy 1


What’s It About?
An engaging teenage boy develops a drug addiction, Beautiful Boy explores the impact it has on him and those closest to him.   

Who’s In It?
Timothee Chalamet (Call Me By Your Name, Lady Bird, & more recently Hostiles)
Steve Carell (The Office, Despicable Me, & more recently Welcome To Marwen)   

Other notables include:
Maura Tierney (Liar Liar, ER, & more recently The Affair)
Amy Ryan (Gone Baby Gone, The Office, & more recently Bridge Of Spies)   

Felix Van Groeningen (The Misfortunates, The Broken Circle Breakdown, & more recently Belgica)   

Audiences Expect:
Based on a true story, combining the books of father, David Sheff, and his son Nic, Beautiful Boy (from the John Lennon song) is a painful and brutally honest portrayal of the hardships suffered by both the victim and the family of someone addicted to drugs.
Told through a series of flashbacks, we are introduced to David in a counsellor’s  office, begging for help after admitting that he no longer knows his drug addicted son Nic. David lives with second wife Karen and two kids Daisy and Jasper, plus Nic, David’s son from his first marriage.
Nic is a seemingly engaging youngster, but despite appearing to want to get clean, his rehab attempts keep failing and he ends up going back to the drugs.  As tensions rise, relationships are put under immense strain, and Nic is edging towards a critical point.
As David desperately begs for help, it soon becomes clear to him that getting clean is a much tougher prospect than he thought, or had been advised.
Beautiful Boy is, admittedly, a tough watch, but with its searing honesty towards addiction and strong performances across the board, including a truly outstanding one from Timothee Chalamet as the engaging and erratic Nic.   

In A Nutshell:
An earnest, powerful portrayal of drug addiction and the impact on everyone involved, with an incredible turn from Timothee Chalamet.   

Timothee Chalamet’s performance
The powerful and captivating story   

Understandably downbeat with a little repetition

Certificate: 15