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First Man Review

First Man 1

Universal Pictures   

What’s It About?
The remarkable story of Neil Armstrong from his role as engineer all the way through to being the first man on the moon.   

Who’s In It?
Ryan Gosling (The Nice Guys, La La Land, & more recently Blade Runner 2049)
Claire Foy (The Crown, Breathe, & more recently Unsane)   

Other notables include:
Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty, Everest, & Mudbound)
Kyle Chandler (Manchester By The Sea, Bloodline, & more recently Game Night)   

Director: Damien Chazelle (Whiplash, La La Land)   

Audiences Expect:
After the incredible debut of the phenomenal Whiplash, Damien Chazelle then somehow managed pull another rabbit of the hat with musical extravaganza La La Land, so surely he couldn’t do it again – this time with an indepth look at the build up to the first mission to land on the moon? 
Well incredibly he has. Despite being very different in look, feel and tone to La La Land, First Man is a fascinating account of an incredible man – Neil Armstrong. Initially starting life as an engineer, he slowly rises up through NASA before joining the team to become the first to land on the moon. But it is not without its problems and terrible losses, at a time that the US were desperate to overhaul the Soviets in the space race.
Ryan Gosling gives another outstanding performance as Neil Armstrong, a man who tends to internalise everything including personal tragedy, while the emotional heavy lifting is left to the ever-impressive Claire Foy.
A wonderful support cast including the likeable Jason Clarke, Kyle Chandler, Ciaran Hinds, Shea Wigham, and Corey Stoll all add to this truly impressive and ambitious project, but it is Damien Chazelle’s attention to detail that elevates this to a masterpiece, delivering a wonderfully atmospheric and tense film that still manages to surprise you despite everyone seemingly knowing the story.   

In A Nutshell:
A slow-burning, tense, dramatic, fascinating and visually thrilling film with great all round performances.  

The cast across the board
The look and feel of the film   


Certificate: 12 / 12A