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Good Boys Review

Good Boys 1

Universal Pictures   

What’s It About?
Three 12-year-olds get invited to a party which might involve kissing. Terrified of getting it all wrong, they embark on an adventure which involves drones, drugs, irate teens and sex toys.   

Who’s In It?
Jacob Tremblay (Room, Wonder, & more recently The Predator)
Keith L Williams (The Last Man On Earth)
Brady Noon (Boardwalk Empire)   

Other notables include:
Sam Richardson (Veep, We’re The Millers, Office Christmas Party)   

Director: Gene Stupnitsky (debut)   

Audiences Expect:
Produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the guys behind Superbad, Good Boys is very much in the same mould, but this time with younger and more innocent protagonists.
Max, Thor and Lucas comprise The Beanbag gang, and are as innocent and heartwarming you could wish for in a 12-year-old. Yes they are subject to the social pressures of fitting in at school, the various cliques and of course the terrifying prospect of girls, but a chance invite to a party at the home of one of the cool kids invokes terror, as there is a chance that there may be kissing.
In a bid to not appear foolish, the trio decide to learn whatever they can about the procedure, and unfortunately it leads them down some very dark paths as they seek enlightenment from sex dolls and anal beads, to porn, drugs, irate teenage girls, life threatening situations and brushes with the law.
The leads of Jacob Tremblay, of Room fame, Keith L Williams and Brady Noon are exceptional, while the script and set pieces are continually hilarious, managing to maintain the laughs until the very end.   

In A Nutshell: 
A brilliant gross-out comedy with three cracking leads, which remains funny until the very end.

Consistently hilarious throughout  
Great leads

Low point:

Certificate: 15