Theatrical Reviews

A thoroughly enjoyable old school crime caper with a wonderful lead performance from a master at work.

Solid follow up to the exhilarating original, but it's a tad predictable with some weak character development.

An intriguing premise which is an improvement on the first, but it's a little predictable & unremarkable.

A poignant, powerful and thought-provoking drama with some truly sublime performances across the board.

Without doubt an assault on the senses, this is a biting social commentary on privacy and social media.

An interesting if uninspiring take on Lisbeth Salander, transforming her into a rather predictable vigilante.

A darker tale, with plenty of mystery and fine performances, but ultimately still building to something more.

An intriguing, visual feast with a cracking score, but in truth it is a touch self-indulgent and overblown.

A big budget upgrade on the TV series, with some outstanding performances, but perhaps a little predictable.

A fascinating if slightly depressing view of a family falling apart, with three fine lead performances.

An adrenaline pumping horror with fine performances, which ultimately falls short following its opening.

Quirky, fun and beautifully shot, but unfortunately, due to the six film format, not all of the stories work.

An uncompromising retelling of a significant event, but it suffers from being a little ponderous at times.

An interesting if lightweight take on rock band Queen, containing a mesmerising performance from Rami Malek.

A powerful, engaging and hugely relevant story with sublime performances from a wonderful cast.