Theatrical Reviews

A bleak, punchy, punky portrayal of the outlaw, with a great cast, but its pacing drops in the second half.

A thoroughly enjoyable family adventure based on the classic tale, which is sure to bring a tear to the eye.

Greed may be good, but unfortunately it is not great in this biting satire on the super-rich.

A sexy, satirical & stylish slant on the well-loved story, with two cracking leads.

Fun family adventure with Jim Carrey on top form, so kid crowd-pleasing but by no means a classic.

A high-octane, bonkers and fun-filled flick with some strong performances, but loses itself in the final act.

A compelling watch with first-rate performances, a fabulous script and a director at the very top of his game.

A fascinating true story, with engaging performances from the two leads, but a little simplistic at times.

A charming, heart-warming film with two sublime performances that avoids any mawkishness.

Glorious imagery, fabulous writing & two pitch perfect performances result in The Lighthouse being a must-see.

A fun, energetic retelling of Dickens' classic tale, without Iannucci’s usual bite but totally absorbing.

A timely and hugely powerful drama, with sensational performances right across the board.

Incredible performances from Foxx and Jordan in this tense drama that will keep you invested right to the end.

An outstanding piece of film-making with a remarkable cast, but ultimately lacking in plot & characterisation.

Fabulous performances from Adam Sandler & Julia Fox elevate this taut, stressful & thoroughly absorbing drama.