Theatrical Reviews

Packed full of action, tension & gore, Us is more than a worthy follow up to Jordan Peele’s acclaimed Get Out.

A powerful film with two wonderful central performances along similar lines to Beautiful Boy.

Entertaining yet full of flashbacks with a great odd couple pair, which comes to life midway through the film.

A thoroughly gripping yet simple drama elevated by some powerful and mesmerising performances.

Set in post war Germany's smouldering ruins, this glossy drama fails to catch light thanks to a weak script.

A first-class cast elevate this likeable but relatively unremarkable rags to riches story.

An impressive debut looking at the effects of Alzheimers, delivered and enhanced by an outstanding cast.

A weak script, limited characterisation, and a failure of the humour renders Cold Pursuit somewhat lifeless.

Funny at times, poignant at others, with some great leads, and yet, somehow it doesn’t quite blend together.

Another breathtaking performance from Rosamund Pike, but the film is undone by its limited characterisation.

A fascinating, melancholy and occasionally over sentimental window into William Shakespeare’s final years.

A beautiful, sensitive portrayal of love, both romantic and familial, triumphing despite the obstacles.

A fun and enjoyable sequel, but everything is not quite as awesome as the original.

An interesting story, with some great performances, but it ultimately feels like it pulls its punches.

A funny, heartwarming tale, with two actors at the height of their powers creating an odd couple scenario.