Theatrical Reviews

A great homage to the original with strong turns and foot-tapping numbers, but falls short of the classic.

A vast improvement on the Transformers sequels with a fun, heartfelt story reminiscent of those 80s classics.

A valiant effort with a ton of action, but a weak and predictable plot ensure DC are still on the back foot.

Despite a strong opening echoing Mad Max, unfortunately it soon descends into predictable generic fodder.

A fresh, fun & original film with plenty of ideas and a hugely compelling performance from Lakeith Stanfield.

A well-told, fascinating tale with a sublime turn from McConaughey, but doesn't live up to the promise of '71.

A thoroughly enjoyable old school crime caper with a wonderful lead performance from a master at work.

Solid follow up to the exhilarating original, but it's a tad predictable with some weak character development.

An intriguing premise which is an improvement on the first, but it's a little predictable & unremarkable.

A poignant, powerful and thought-provoking drama with some truly sublime performances across the board.

Without doubt an assault on the senses, this is a biting social commentary on privacy and social media.

An interesting if uninspiring take on Lisbeth Salander, transforming her into a rather predictable vigilante.

A darker tale, with plenty of mystery and fine performances, but ultimately still building to something more.

An intriguing, visual feast with a cracking score, but in truth it is a touch self-indulgent and overblown.

A big budget upgrade on the TV series, with some outstanding performances, but perhaps a little predictable.