Theatrical Reviews

An interesting story of human frailty comprising huge highs and large lows, with two top turns from the leads.

A fitting end to the trilogy, but despite great visuals, it goes down with more of a splutter than a roar.

A fascinating watch but doesn’t quite live up to Christian Bale’s utterly absorbing lead performance.

A powerful performance from Nicole Kidman in a very different role, in this dark, grim and compelling film.

Enjoyable film with Clint back to his onscreen best but let down by some underwritten roles & a varied script.

Another spellbinding performance from Saoirse Ronan is sadly not enough to elevate this fairly ordinary drama.

An intriguing prospect, with a strong build up & great performances, but sadly doesn’t live up to its promise.

An earnest, powerful portrayal of drug addiction and the impact on everyone involved, with an incredible lead.

An interesting take on the role and power of the tabloid media, with a stirring performance from Hugh Jackman.

A remarkable bittersweet tale, delivered with warmth, love & brilliance for both the material and characters.

A fascinating & well-paced story with two outstanding performances with wonderful chemistry as the two leads.

Despite strong performances from both Cranston & Hart, it was never going to able to live up to the original.

A dark, twisted tale of subterfuge and powerplays with three equally remarkable and breathtaking performances.

An interesting opening tale with a great turn from Isaac but the film tries to be too clever for its own good.

A great homage to the original with strong turns and foot-tapping numbers, but falls short of the classic.