Theatrical Reviews

A first rate cast, an intriguing plot, and expertly directed, The Good Liar will no doubt win you over.

As with previous Roland Emmerich projects, big set pieces are not enough to paper over a woeful script.

With extraordinary performances, an expert director and a gripping story, it's up there with Scorsese’s best.

Some cracking chemistry, and scintillating special effects can't help but make your spirits soar.

A fun, engaging film with a hugely likeable lead which is well worth running your eye over.

A powerful portrayal of a loving family on the edge, Sorry We Missed You delivers quite the emotional punch.

With nods to both King and Kubrick, Doctor Sleep will keep you awake thanks to its truly menacing villain.

Some superb leads ensure this reboot is a worthy successor to T2 – let’s just forget about the ones inbetween.

Despite a remarkable voice cast, the underwhelming Addams Family is a little frightful and lifeless.

A fun, family friendly film packed full of visual gags, which only serves to enhance the Aardman stable.

Despite a promising start with a deliciously awkward banquet, the film soon descends into generic CGI fare.

It may lack exciting action scenes, but it makes up for it in terms of top performances & unbearable tension.

Like all good zombies, there is still some life in this, but one wonders why it was resurrected 10 years on.

A poignant and deeply moving tribute to the magnetic frontman, with some surprising revelations.

Chris Morris’ return to the big screen is a tragic, thought-provoking comedy with a fine lead performance.