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Pokemon Detective Pikachu Review

Pokemon 1

Warner Bros   

What’s It About?
A teen who recently lost his father in suspicious circumstances teams up with his dad’s pokemon to uncover what happened.   

Who’s In It?
Ryan Reynolds (Buried, Safe House, & Deadpool 1-2)
Justice Smith (Paper Towns, Every Day, & more recently Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,   

Other notables include:
Kathryn Newton (LadyBird, Big Little Lies, Blockers, & more recently Ben Is Back)
Bill Nighy (Love Actually, Pirates Of The Caribbean, & more recently Their Finest)   

Director: Rob Letterman (Shark Tale, Monsters Vs Aliens, & more recently Goosebumps)   

Audiences Expect:
Despite the plethora of games, animated films and merchandise, this Pokemon virgin went into the film pleasantly surprised by how accessible the Pokemon universe seemed to be.
In a sort of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Zootropolis, Batman (1989) mash up though sadly less impressive than all those classics, Pokemon Detective Pikachu sets its stall out early with a lonely teen, brought to the big city following the death of his detective dad. 
But it appears that there is a little more than meets the eye, and Tim Goodman makes an unlikely pairing with his dad’s Pokemon, a wannabe detective name Pikachu, to find out what really happened and why Pikachu has lost his memory. 
The look and feel of the film impresses greatly in the opening half, with some great visuals, and a real buddy/buddy feel with a fine performance from Justice Smith and a scintillating one full of energy and warmth from Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu.
As the film progresses, however, the plot falls away and falls into the generic and predictable arena, though it must be said that Reynold’s performance and charisma just about carry it through to the end.     

In A Nutshell:
A fun intro to the world of Pokemon, which falls away in the second half despite an awesome turn from Reynolds.   

The look of the film Ryan Reynolds   

The script & plot particularly in the second half

Certificate: PG