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Sonic The Hedgehog Review

Sonic The Hedgehog 1

Paramount Pictures   

What’s It About:
Forced to flee his planet, Sonic the Hedgehog moves to planet Earth. But one day, his immense speed causes an electrical blackout and attracts the attention of the government, and the dastardly Dr Robotnik…   

Who’s In It?
Ben Schwartz (House Of Lies, Parks And Rec)
Jim Carrey (Dumb And Dumber, The Truman Show, & more recently Kidding)   

Other notables include:
James Marsden (Enchanted, Hairspray, & more recently WestWorld)
Tika Sumpter (Ride Along, Southside With You, & more recently The Old Man & The Gun)   

Director: Jeff Fowler (debut)   

Audiences Expect:
Transitions from computer games to the big screen rarely pay off, and Sonic’s own personal journey has been anything but quick for a character known for being fleet of foot.
After the film was pushed back due to a chorus of online disapproval and ridicule following the release of the first trailer, significant changes were made to his look. But was this to be a transformation Gok Wan would be proud of, or would this be more along the lines of the Cats debacle? 
Well he’s been made much more animated (visually-speaking) and cutesy, which can only be a good thing, but truth be told, despite being a speed merchant with no one to surpass him, he has anything but a winning personality. We first meet him tearing up the turf on his home planet, before immediately being pursued by some ne’er-do-wells, and only managing to escape through a magical portal thanks to the protection of a giant owl. Fortunately things get a lot less complicated after this, as Sonic lives his life in relative boredom in a small town in Montana.
But after a rash decision to speed around a baseball field and blowing the electrics as far as the eye can see, his actions interest the government and they send a brilliant but crazy agent in the form of scientist Dr Robotnik to find the source of the energy surge. Needless to say, Dr Robotnik is like a dog with a bone, and Sonic is forced to rely on the likeable Office Tom Wachowski, a stalwart of the town and an all round good guy, who is prepared to put his life and his career on the line for this ball of blue prickles.
James Marsden, who has form in this field with Hop, is a hugely likeable and dependable foil for the craziness that goes on around him, and has a great ability to form a rapport with what is presumably a tennis ball on a stick, but for the purposes of this review, Sonic. He is hampered, however, by a somewhat pedestrian plot, and the arrival of Sonic does little to liven things up.
It is only when Jim Carrey’s Dr Robotnik descends upon Montana, bringing his unique brand of madness to proceedings, that the film perks up. Carrey is clearly given free rein, and mixing some magnificent moustache-twirling, with some pithy one liners and plenty of energetic limb action, it would be fair to say that he has more energy and more animation than the eponymous star of the film, ultimately ensuring that Sonic will leave audiences with a rush.   

In A Nutshell:
Fun family adventure with Jim Carrey on top form, so kid crowd-pleasing but by no means a classic.   

Jim Carrey on top form with elasticated limbs and sublime moustache-twirling skills  

Sonic is a little drab as a character
The script is pretty limited
The riff on the Quicksilver scene which is supposed to be great fun, but has been seen before

Certificate: PG