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Tell It To The Bees Review

Tell It To The Bees 1

Vertigo Releasing   

What’s It About?
A female doctor and her young patient’s mother begin a relationship in a small Scottish town in the 1950s.   

Who’s In It?
Anna Paquin (The Piano, X-Men, The Good Dinosaur, & True Blood) 
Holliday Grainger (The Borgias, The Riot Club, Cinderella, & My Cousin Rachel)   

Other notables include:
Gregor Selkirk (Isolani)   

Director: Annabel Jankel (Super Mario Bros, Skellig: The Owl Man)   

Audiences Expect:
Based on a novel by Fiona Shaw, Tell It To The Bees is an intimate portrayal of a burgeoning relationship between two women in a small rural Scottish town in the 1950s.
Anna Paquin plays a doctor, who has returned to the town she originally grew up in following the death of her father. Anxious and insecure, her backstory and the reason for her initial departure are soon revealed. But a chance meeting with a young boy, and then his mother, sees a friendship and very soon an intimate relationship develop between the two women, despite the societal disapproval. But is their love strong enough to withstand the outside forces?
The book it appears approaches things in a fairly expected way, but the screenplay for Tell It To The Bees goes off on quite the tangent, dispersing with the slow, tense brooding atmosphere, and instead offering up violence and then a hive of bees that seem to be able to attack on command. It is a real shame, as the high and totally unwarranted drama totally undoes the great work that Holliday Grainger and Anna Paquin have done up until this point in developing their characters and their precarious relationship.    

In A Nutshell:
A tender, tense, brooding drama with two fine leads is blown out of the water by a bizarre final act with ropey CGI.   

The chemistry between Holliday Grainger and Anna Paquin.
It’s a fine performance from youngster Gregor Selkirk   

The final act

Certificate: TBC