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The Lighthouse Review

The Lighthouse 1

Universal Pictures    

What’s It About?
Two lighthouse keepers get sent to a remote location in New England in 1890s, and madness begins to set in.   

Who’s In It?
Willem Dafoe (Platoon, The Florida Project, & more recently Motherless Brooklyn)
Robert Pattinson (Twilight, The Lost City Of Z, & more recently The King)   

Director: Robert Eggers (The Witch)   

Audiences Expect:
After unleashing horrors in New England in the 17th Century with The Witch, director Robert Eggers, has turned his attention to an equally disconcerting setting, based in a lighthouse in 19th Century New England.
Old hand Thomas Wake is sent a new recruit, Thomas Howard, fresh from logging in Canada (or perhaps running from something else?) and the two have the responsibility of looking after a lighthouse on a remote island. As the saltier of the two seadogs, and with plenty more experience and a gammy leg, Wake is charged with looking after the light itself, a hypnotic, alluring almost celestial being, while Howard has drawn the short straw with plenty of grunt work – clearing out the latrines, keeping the motors running, painting the lighthouse from a precarious position. And these roles are clearly delineated despite clear misgivings.
As familiarity, and indeed drink and proximity, breeds contempt, the two hirsute sailors lock horns – ranging from a father/son relationship (sometimes for good, sometimes for ill), angry companionship, enmity, hell even potential lovers – pretty much everything is up in the air as drink takes over and madness sets in.
But when an encounter with a seagull, regarded as inhabiting the souls of lost sailors, goes horribly wrong, and the storms begin to rage, things take a real turn for the worse.
The stunning scenery shot in glorious black and white 35mm, with brilliant writing from Robert & Max Eggers, wonderful imagery and two incredible performances from both Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson result in The Lighthouse being a must-see.   

In a Nutshell:
Glorious imagery, fabulous writing and two pitch perfect performances result in The Lighthouse being a must see.   

The visuals are incredible
The performances are intense and first rate   

It’s a little crazy
The fart joke wears a little thin    

Certificate: 15