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The Old Man And The Gun Review

The Old Man And The Gun 1

Twentieth Century Fox   

What’s It About?   
A charming career criminal just can't give up the thrill of robbing banks, despite having plenty going for him.

Who’s In It?
Robert Redford (Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, The Sting, Truth, & more recently Our Souls At Night)
Sissy Spacek (Carrie, In The Bedroom, The Help, & more recently Bloodline)   

Other notables include:
Casey Affleck (Gone Baby Gone, Manchester By The Sea, & more recently Triple 9)
Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon I-IV, Saw, Dreamgirls, & more recently Sorry To Bother You)   

Director: David Lowery (Pete’s Dragon, & more recently A Ghost Story)   

Audiences Expect:
Reputedly The Old Man And The Gun is supposed to be Robert Redford’s swansong. After six decades in the business, Sundance looks set to finally hang up his boots, but, if his latest character is anything to go by – a 70-year-old career criminal who just can’t resist getting back into the game – hopefully the same will apply to Mr Redford.
Teaming up with David Lowery once again, after Pete’s Dragon, Redford plays real life criminal Forrest Tucker, an old school bank robber with irresistible charm – so much in fact that despite being completely up front with her, Jewel, a single woman of means, can’t help but fall for him, while the young rookie detective hot on his heels to bring him to justice ends up ultimately admiring him.
The tone of the film is certainly a light and playful one, and it would be interesting to know of the potential fear and terror the real life Tucker brought to his victims, but The Old Man And The Gun is certainly not that film. Instead one ends up rooting for both criminal with his gift of the gab, as well as the up and coming detective – which is a fine and impressive line to tread.
David Lowery delivers a brilliant and playful film, and a real sense of the 80s with a wonderfully washed out colour palette. He is ably assisted with a brilliant cast, with Casey Affleck delivering a wonderful and hugely likeable performance as Detective John Hunt, while Sissy Spacek, Tom Waits and Danny Glover all provide fine support.
But this is unashamedly Robert Redford’s film, and he wins over the audiences effortless with the same charm as his carefree character. In a truly remarkable career, it would be a shame to see him bow out as he still has so much to offer, but in many ways, The Old Man And The Gun could be the perfect opportunity for him to walk off into the sunset.     

In A Nutshell:
A thoroughly enjoyable old school crime caper with a wonderful lead performance from a master at work. 

Robert Redford as always
The old school style and washed out colour palette   


Certificate: 12 / 12A